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Maximum productivity with rigorous controls

Surefil's state-of-the-art, streamlined, world-class facility has been designed and constructed to provide optimum efficiency and safety for the development, production and warehousing of custom-filled products. Our customers regard it as a virtual extension of their company's operations.

Our production lines are engineered for maximum productivity, with unwavering attention to safety and environmental concerns. A team of professional chemists oversee the entire operation and inspect your product hourly to ensure that it meets rigorous quality control standards.  Surefil's entire operation is registered with both the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration.

Surefil currently has available capacity to produce up to 240 million units of product per year.   

Our 100,000 square-foot facility supports the manufacturing and warehousing of finished and raw materials. Segregated manufacturing and warehouse space ensures the purity and safety of your stored products. All packaging and raw materials are also fully inspected by our quality assurance team upon arrival to our warehouse. Our staff has received extensive training in supply chain management standards to meet your just-in-time shipping and delivery requirements. 

We anticipate and welcome clients and prospective clients to tour our facility, speak to our employees and to use our customer work stations as you work with us to further enhance your production capabilities.