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Recent Headlines:

  • Surefil Passes Silliker® Audit
  • Surefil Adds Advanced SureClean System

  • Surefil Adds New Compounding Capacity

  • Surefil Expands Facilities, Receives Approval on City of Kentwood Tax Abatement

  • Surefil Revolutionizes Contract Manufacturing

    with Introduction of SureScrap™

  • Surefil to Add High-Speed Packaging Line for 2007


Surefil Passes Siliker® Audit

(Grand Rapids, Mich.) – Surefil, a contract manufacturer of liquid-fill products for the personal care, home care, and medical industries, recently passed a Silliker Audit with a score of 96.7%. Surefil requested the audit as a means for continuous improvement.

Our goal is to be the best manufacturer of liquid-fill products including personal care, home care, and medical products. Audits like the Silliker Audit are an excellent tool for self-evaluation as we continue to move toward that goal." Hunt indicated that having an independent audit firm such as Silliker perform an audit is also a demonstration of Surefil's commitment to industry standards for current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. It also provides Surefil's customers another level of confidence in the quality of its services.

The audit evaluates manufacturers on categories including their quality systems, employee practices, receiving, storage and shipping, plant hygienics, manufacturing, building and equipment, grounds and even pest control.

Surefil's recent expansion has given ample capacity to take on new customers. Contact us at 616-532-1700 to determine how we can meet your filling needs.


Surefil Adds Advanced SureClean System

(Grand Rapids, Mich.) – Surefil, a fast-growing contract manufacturer for the personal care and medical industries, has emerged as one of the top producers of shampoos and conditioners in the U.S. market. To maintain its position in the industry, Surefil has designed and constructed an advanced clean-in-place (CIP) system, called SureClean™, to ensure the proper manufacture of personal care and over-the-counter products.

In creating the SureClean™ system, we analyzed and benchmarked companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries so that we would exceed the rigorous standards of our industry. Early in the process, it became apparent that Surefil needed a mix of hardware and controls to make the system clean both rapidly and effectively.

The new SureClean™ system cleans, rinses and sanitizes all of Surefil's mix and compounding vessels, process piping, hold tanks and fillers. Hot water - now pressurized by Surefil - rinses the system, while chemicals sanitize it. By Surefil's standard, all equipment must be used within four hours or it must undergo the sanitization process again.

SureClean™ is augmented with a new clean-out-of-place system purchased from Sanamatic Corp. The semi-automated system ensures effective cleaning and sanitization of manufacturing parts such as tri-clover fittings, strainers, filter housings, gaskets and other items used in the manufacturing process.

Surefil Adds New Compounding Capacity to Meet Market Needs

(Grand Rapids, Mich.) – Surefil, a fast-growing contract manufacturer for the personal care and medical industries, has added more than 12,000 gallons of capacity to its high-quality, hygienic compounding facility. The new capacity meets all of Surefil's rigorous quality standards including 316 stainless steel, center and sweep wall agitation, sanitary valves and process piping, new pumps with variable speed control and cone bottom vessels for efficient use of materials.

Surefil also custom developed a new controls system for the expanded facility. Each mix vessel features full load cell capability, controlled addition of selected raw materials, automated additions of USP 29 purified water and automated clean-in-place capability. The new facility has increased product batch repeatability and consistency, reducing both batch production times and scrap.

The addition of two raw materials tanks has also increased Surefil's storage capabilities, and a new raw materials handling system has significantly reduced raw material costs and processing times. An automated dispense system interfaces with process controls to deliver a specified amount of bulk raw materials to the new and existing manufacturing tanks. The company can quickly add new tanks to scale up production as needed.



Surefil Revolutionizes Contract Manufacturing with Introduction of SureScrap™

(Grand Rapids, Mich.) – Surefil, a contract manufacturer for the personal care and medical industries, has introduced SureScrap™, a new, advanced program for major brand customers.  SureScrap™ is a premium service for customers who are focused on driving down material costs and maintaining tighter control of their supply chain.  The program is a comprehensive approach to leveraging new plant design, sophisticated equipment, information systems and operating philosophy.

To integrate SureScrap™, Surefil designed its new plant with lean manufacturing in mind, minimizing the distances between compounding, holding and filling.  All of the plant’s new piping systems utilize minimal pipe diameter while maintaining capability for high volume flow.  Each pipe operates on a slope and the SurePig™ pigging system ensures minimum product is left in the transfer piping.  The SurePig™ system consists of a flexible “pig” that is launched through the transfer pipe.  The pig pushes all of the product in the pipe to a receiving vessel, which allows the capture of the product.  The pig is then launched back to its starting point.

Operational strategy initiatives include the enforcement of a strict quarantine of all incoming materials to ensure no material enters the “available for production status” in the warehouse.  This quarantine dramatically reduces scrap in the packaging area.

The plant is also equipped with an impressive water purification system.  The system softens city water, filters the water using carbon, and incorporates both a GE Osmonics reverse osmosis system and a Surefil-designed Electrolytic Deionization (EDI) system.  Finally, the system has ultraviolet purification and subsequent micron filtering.  The USP Grade 29 is virtually a pure H2O molecule.  In-line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and conductivity meters ensure the reliability of the system.  Starting with this highly-purified water ensures virtually flawless product compounding.

The 316 stainless steel compounding tanks are all equipped with SureSweep™ sweep cone system and sweep wall agitation, a rotating shaft with “arms” that reach out and hold Teflon scrapers against the wall.  This design improves mixing and heat transfer.  It also ensures that the mix tank is essentially scraped clean when the batch is transferred.  This is a Surefil standard.

SureScrap™, SurePig™, and SureSweep™ are Registered Trademarks of Surefil.


Surefil to Add High-Speed Packaging Line for 2007

New Line is One of the Most Advanced in the U.S.

Grand Rapids, Mich. -Surefil, a fast-growing contract manufacturer in the personal care and medical industries, announces its plans to add a new, high-speed packaging line to its facilities for 2007. The new line is one of the most advanced lines to be installed in the U.S. contract packaging industry.

The installation of the new Surefil packaging line will mark an increase in capacity for potential brand partners.  It will add an additional 85 million units to Surefil's current capacity.  The line is the first of three new packaging lines expected to be installed at Surefil over the next 24 months.

The new line features a bottle unscrambler and a servo-driven labeler for orienting bottles, an ideal feature for precise label and cap placement.  Surefil has also selected a servo-driven filler with 28 fill heads, 12 cap heads and a filling speed of 280 bottles per minute.  Equipment for bottle coding and case erecting, packaging and sealing completes Surefil's new, state-of-the-art packaging line.

The sanitary design eliminates the potential for contamination of personal care and medical products, and features 316 stainless steel in all product contact areas.

Surefil's new packaging line is fully validated and meets the company's exacting standard for accurate filling of .2%.  The procedures and operations of this line allow Surefil to manufacture identical lots batch after batch. Surefil can also meet stringent customer requirements through their process validation system.