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In September 2010 Abaco Partners, LLC acquired the assets and operations of Surefil. Surefil is a premium contract manufacturer dedicated to filling personal care and OTC liquids, lotions, creams and gels, including alcohol containing products.

Surefil offers a wide range of services from product development to turn-key execution. Our services include:

• Product formulation
• Complete procurement of raw materials and components
• Manufacturing and filling of personal care liquids, lotions, and creams
• Product testing in state-of-the-art laboratories
• FDA registered facility for OTC products
• Alcohol registration with the State of Michigan

Surefil is a proud member of the following organizations in support of our industry and community:

• Personal Care Products Council
• Contract Packaging Association
• Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

World Headquarters -  4560 Danvers Grand Rapids, MI 49512